LipSense® Ooops! Remover


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Specially designed to erase those mistakes that can occur when applying LipSense lip color and will lift your LipSense color to change your shade or remove at the end of the day.

  • Formulated to gently remove the patented, long-lasting color technology of LipSense

  • Made of a combination of beneficial ingredients to protect skin with lifting color

  • Works as both an instant corrector or color un-binder

Fooops!®SenseCosmetics® Color Removing Wipes


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Remove long-lasting SenseCosmetics anytime, anywhere! Oil-free Fooops! Wipes gently remove dirt, oil and makeup, revealing soft, clean skin with no sticky residue left behind.

  • Biodegradable, oil free, disposable wipes come in packs of 30

  • Moisturizes and delivers anti-aging protection with SenePlex+™

  • Ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact wearers


Fooops!® SenseCosmetics® Dual Phase Color Remover


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Remove long-lasting SenseCosmetics® quickly and easily with this unique, easy-to-use formula that activates when shaken.

  • Gently whisks away makeup, including waterproof LashSense® mascara

  • Ideal for all skin types and leaves the face feeling cool and relaxed without an oily residue

  • Safe for contact lens wearers