Dark Brown Lipstick - 2 Ways

It’s fall (finally…)! With so many 80 degree days I thought this day would never arrive. I can finally start showing you some of my favorite fall makeup looks. First on the list, dark brown lipstick. I’m sure a dark brown is not the first color most people gravitate towards when picking a color for their perfect pout. But it’s seriously so easy to pull off, and beautiful on any skintone!! Take a look and let me know which look you like best!

Toddler Fall Capsule Wardrobe

I’m a huge fan of utilizing capsule wardrobes (see this post) . Since Desmond is only going to be able to wear these clothes this year, I waited for things to go on sale! The trick for any capsule wardrobe is to start by picking a color theme. When you know what colors you are looking for it makes shopping easier and less overwhelming. Check out my insta-stories for more details!

Toddler Capsule Wardrobe.jpg

Lips and Brunch

As a recent Independent Distributor of Lipsense, one of my biggest fears was no one would want to have a party. So, instead of waiting for someone to ask me if they could host, I threw a party myself. Let's be honest, I was just looking for an excuse to brunch. 

I invited a few of my favorite gals over and tried to make it a no-pressure situation. We've all been to those direct sale parties where the seller puts so much pressure on everyone to buy something and that ends up being the entire focus of the party. That is not what I wanted. Instead, I focused on the relationships, making each girl feel beautiful and special, and of course, the brunching. 

For the center piece, I used a fake eucalyptus garland. I added a few other type of leaves I had left over from other floral projects to make the center piece more full and colorful. 

The flowers are fake as well, but you could easily add a few fresh flowers!

My placemats were made from kraft wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree. I just measured them and scalloped the edges. 

I also found these great mirrors from the Dollar Tree. They stand up on their own which was perfect! Some of the girls who don't normally wear lipstick kept catching glimpses of themselves in these mirrors and would smile. I loved making them feel beautiful for a day!

My set up was pretty simple. I used a small decorative table and used a giant lip print from Hobby Lobby as my background. I made my own in stock sheet so that everyone could easily see what they could go home with that day, and compare and contrast colors. 

I gave my guests about 10 minutes to peruse my color selection and asked them to write down their top three after swatching the colors on their hand. 

Obviously, I had to set up my glitter background so the girls could have a fun photoshoot with their new colors!

Fun Tip - If your looking for cute glassware check out your local second hand store. I found these adorable champagne saucers for $.50 a piece!


Muffins, fruit, and a crockpot egg bake were on the menu with lots of Rosé.

So, if your an Independent Distributor who's nervous about having a party, throw a party yourself and get some practice! I gave all my gals a full discloser that I needed to practice and they were so receptive and willing to listen. And you know what? Almost every girl bought something, which I did not expect at all!

Have any questions? Feel free to ask me in the comments below! 

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Hello Fresh

Healthy meals, fresh ingredients, easy to follow recipes, all sent to your doorstep? Is this a dream? No, its HelloFresh. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate cooking, but it's more like I hate the process. Meal planning, grocery shopping, trying new recipes and hoping they don't taste terrible (I've made more than one meal like this). Who has time for all that? Seriously, shout out to all the wives and husbands out there that not only have a job, and kids, and a household to run, but are able to plan a meal and execute it every night. You are my heroes. 

This past Christmas, we received the best Christmas gift ever; a month subscription to HelloFresh. Here's a rundown, in case you are unsure of how it works. At the beginning of the month, you go online and pick out three meals per week. Then, your meals are sent right to your doorstep, once a week, in an insulated box. 

The ingredients are so fresh and the highest quality. I hate when you buy ingredients for a recipe and some of the ingredients end up going bad because you don't use them all. With HelloFresh, they send you the perfect amount of everything, even spices already measured out! 

The recipes are so simple to follow and they even have pictures, making it so easy to follow along. Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it. I don't think we disliked any of the meals we tried. 

The downside is it cost $60 per week, which only includes 3 meals a week. Meaning, you still have to buy groceries for all the other meals you eat. Even so, if you have the extra money and you want meals that are fresh and easy, it's so worth it. 

GIVEAWAY ALERT: In one of my weekly boxes I received 3 free boxes of Hello Fresh Meals! Check my Instagram later this week to win! 

Have you ever tried HelloFresh or another meal box? Let me know!