Side Hustlin'

Side Hustle: Anything you do, other than your day job, that earns you extra money and allows you to pursue other passions.

Who doesn't have a side hustle now-a-days? Whether your wanting a little extra money to go on that vacation your dreaming of, or you want to be able to eat out a couple times a week, there is money to be made out there! BJ and I love to travel and want to grow our savings as much as possible during the years we don't have kids. So I have 4 side hustles as well as 2 part time jobs that often times feel like 2 full time jobs. All the while still striving to be a good wife, friend, daughter, and adult in general. It can be overwhelming at times but it's all about balance. Don't have a side-hustle? I've got you covered, here are 4 ways to discover your next side-hustle!


1. Side Hustlin' What You Love 

Things I love: Makeup and making people feel good about themselves. Lucky for me that's an easy side hustle! I signed up to sell Lipsense, which was practically free, and now I make a little extra money on the side making other women feel beautiful! The hustling part takes place when I'm learning product information, building stock, finding graphics for my pages, and managing my social media. The fun part of it is hanging out with my best gals to try on makeup! Think of what you love and find a way to get paid for it! 

2. Side Hustlin' Your Talents 

I spend my days as a middle school music teacher so its a no-brainer that I side hustle teaching piano and voice lessons after school. Your talent could be anything! For example, if you're good at math, sign up to be an after school tutor. I think the going rate is $30 an hour!

3. Side Hustlin' A Learned Skill

Learn a new skill to make extra money! I've always been interested in sewing but have never been very good at it. I could sew one thing, pillows without a zipper. Last year a boutique opened in Mason City called Lucy and Olive. One of the owners went to my church and had seen a recent blog post I wrote about how to sew a pillow without a zipper. She asked if I would try to make one with a zipper and consider making pillows for their store. So I watched a YouTube video (ok ten YouTube videos) and learned how to add a zipper. I was pretty slow at first, but now I can make several an hour. I generally make them new pillows every season. 


4. Side Hustlin' Your Passion 

It's so important to do something that's just for YOU. For me that's blogging. I created it out of nothing, and it's something all my own. I work hard to come up with content, manage my social media, take and edit pictures, but I love every second of it. I don't make any money yet, but I have high hopes that one day all my hustlin' will pay off. Find something you are passionate about and dive right in! The possibilites and potential is endless!

What's your side hustle? 

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