Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate

Along the English Channel lies the small seaside town of Margate. You've probably never heard of it. Don't feel bad, neither had my husband or I, until he googled Best British Beaches. Slightly exhausted by our visit to London, Cheltingham, and then back to London again, we were looking for the perfect spot to spend a few days relaxing before we made our way to Germany for the last part of our European Vacation. Margate turned out to be the perfect pause during our busy getaway! 

Margate, England

When we arrived by train from London, we took a short cab ride to our hotel, The Crescent Victoria Hotel.  This hotel is a boutique style with only a handful of rooms, but each is filled with modern and elaborate furnishings. Be aware, there is no air conditioning - a common occurrence among European hotels. Luckily, our room was equipped with floor to ceiling windows that opened, so we had the breeze from the sea to keep us cool. 

We couldn't resist opting for a sea view, and we were so glad we did. Our floor to ceiling windows opened up onto a small balcony that we could not only look out on the sea, but the Winter Gardens as well. 

After dropping off our bags, we headed towards the center of town for lunch and came across Peter's Fish Factory. Judging by the line, we decided we had to try it! 

Lucky we did, because we enjoyed the most delicious fish and chips! If you have only had fish and chips in America, then you haven't really had fish and chips. 

Bellies full, we decided to do a bit of exploring. The town was full of quaint shops and cottages like this one. 

We also stumbled upon the Tudor House Museum.  This historic house dates back to the 16th century and originally belonged to a fabric merchant. We missed the final tour time, but a wonderfully kind employee indulged us in a private tour. This is a must see if you are in the area. 

Don't forget to check out the poppies in the Tudor House Gardens. 

As we made our way back to the hotel, we stopped to admire the sunset and made a couple of new friends. 

For dinner, we opted for The Great British Pizza Company. My pizza of choice; pear and blue cheese. If I could eat there everyday, I would. In fact, it was so good we ate it for dinner the second night. 

Broadstairs, England

On day 2, we decided to venture out. Just a 10 minute cab ride away is the seaside town of Broadstairs.  This area seemed a lot more active than Margate and we spent the afternoon exploring the beaches and local shops. 

Broadstairs was a frequent vacation spot to Charles Dickens, who spent time here writing. 

We were in love with the white cliffs and decided to walk along the beach. BJ and I spent our time laughing and dreaming about what life would be like if we leaved in this little coastal town. 

We even picked out a house to live in! Unbeknownst to the current residents, we made plans to have festive summer parties in the garden here and talked about where we would take our daily walks with our pups. 

After about an hour of walking, we realized we weren't in the town of Broadstairs anymore. Instead of turning around, we decided to keep going and see what was around the next bend. 

Up these rather floral stairs we discovered we had made it to the next town, Ramsgate. 

Exhausted from our beach hike, upwind I might add, we decided to stop for a drink and take a cab back to the hotel. 

It was the perfect 2-day getaway to spend time relaxing before the last leg of our journey. If you're looking for an English Coastal experience, I highly recommend Margate!