DIY Sparkly Backdrop

Every girl needs a sparkly backdrop right? Seriously, I have been wanting one for so long that I finally decided that blog pictures were the perfect excuse to make one. I found this amazing sparkle backdrop on Amazon for $22. Check it out!

I picked up some pvc pipe and pvc joints at our local hardware store and my husband helped me cut each piece to achieve the perfect size. I found that adding a middle bar made the whole thing a lot sturdier. You'll also want to buy at least 1 inch pvc pipe. Anything less will make for a flimsy frame. Don't forget to get for end pieces for the bottom! The small amount of extra weight helps keep it balanced!

Luckily this backdrop had a pocket already sewn in the top for the pvc pipe, but it would be simple to sew one yourself. 

I am planning on buying one more backdrop so that it has a more bunched effect, but it looks great with just one! Each piece is 4 feet long so if your going to make one wider make sure and purchase a couple of these curtains!

What's your next DIY Project? 


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