4 Steps To The Best Skin Of Your Life

Polly Pockets, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Rugrats, Friends, Doc Martins. If any of these references make you think of your childhood… you NEED a skincare regime. Even if all of these references were before your time, you STILL NEED a skincare regime. Trust me, it’s never too early to start taking care of your skin. Your face is the first thing people see, why wouldn’t you invest in great skin? With hundreds of different products out there for a variety of skin-related issues, the question is, “Where do I even start?” If you are looking to have the best skin of your life, all you need to do is follow these 4 steps.

  1. Determine What Type Of Skin You Have

I recently polled my Facebook beauty group and was not surprised to find out that most people weren’t sure of their skin-type. I would say most people don’t know their “actual” skin type. They assume they have one type of skin but often the symptoms leading to that conclusion are caused by treating your skin with the wrong products. For example, I have always thought I had extremely oily skin. I would do everything I could to dry my face out and never, NEVER used moisturizer. What was happening was my skin was trying to overcompensate for a lack of moisture by producing more oil than it needed too. After finally treating my skin appropriately for the last few years, I’ve concluded I have combination skin; dry in some areas and oily in others. Want to know the easiest way to tell what type of skin you have? Answer this question.

How does your skin feel after you shower, BEFORE you put on any products?

  1. Dry and Flaky? - You have Dry Skin

  2. Dry in some places, but oily in your T-Zone? - Combination Skin

  3. Oily all over? - Oily Skin

If you aren’t sure what your skin feels like after you shower, take this short quiz to get a better idea of your skin type!


2. Exfoliate

I cannot express enough how important it is too exfoliate. Skin feeling dull? Makeup not going on smoothly? You probably need to exfoliate. The point of exfoliation is to clear your skin of any dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria that live in your pores and on the surface of your skin. One of the reasons I love the Senegence cleansers is they have natural exfoliant in them. The cleansers contain volcanic ash from the island of Vanuatu that provide a gentle daily exfoliation. To really clean and refresh your face you want to do some sort of exfoliation treatment once or twice a week.

Both products can be used as a mask, or a weekly facial scrub. Whats the difference between the two? Facial Resurfacer is a little grittier with bigger pieces of volcanic ash, while Polishing Exfoliator has more refined pieces of volcanic ash for a gentler scrub. If you have sensitive or mature skin, I would recommend the Polishing Exfoliator.

3. Moisturize

All skin needs moisture!! Your skin-type simply determines what kind of moisture you need. Everyone should be applying some sort of moisture to their makeup/skin regiment day AND night.

Dry Skin- You are going to want a line specifically made for Dry Skin. You also will want to supplement with some other naturally form of moisture.

Combination Skin- You are going to want a line specifically made for Combination Skin. You need more moisture than an oily skin-type, but less than someone with dry skin.

Oily Skin- The biggest misconception about an oily skin-type is that you don’t need a moisturizer. You still need moisturizer! If you do not moisturize, your skin is going to overcompensate by producing more oil. You want something thats 1) oil free and 2) specifically designed with your skin-type in mind.


Dry Skin Collection - $ 140


Normal to Dry- $140


Normal to Oily - $140


Oils are good for your skin, but only if they’re NATURAL. Natural oils are a perfect way to treat extremely dry skin. The Nangai Oil is made from Nangai tree’s found on the island Vanuatu. It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and quick-absorbing. Plus, you can use it everywhere! Face, cuticles, hair, scars, lips, you name it you can use it there! I even use this product on my combination skin once a week to achieve a healthy dewy glow.

4. Use an Anti-Aging Product

I don’t think it is EVER too early to be starting an anti-aging regiment. As we age our skin become more dull and less elastic. Those once healthy, plump skin cells that used to live at the surface of our skin become smaller and more dull the older we get. I have tried a lot of anti-aging skincare products the last 5 years. Expensive, inexpensive, luxury products, drug store products, and have found there are 3 products that I believe have forever changed my skin.


Climate Control- $60

Moisture in its purest form. I believe this product single-handily changed my skin. It reduces redness, moisturizes, improves skin texture, and even helps with sunburns. If you invest nothing else into your skin, INVEST IN CLIMATE CONTROL. You’ll thank me in 10 years! 


Seneserum-C-  $65

The purest form of Vitamin C. This product is 100% natural blend of the most advanced anti-aging ingredients known today. It not only brightens your skins overall appearance, but protects your face from pollution and free-radicals in our air. This mixed with the Climate Control? Your skin will never look better.


Collagen Night Pak - $85

As we age, our skin begins to loose its elasticity due to a loss of collagen. This night treatment helps rebuild and restore your collagen by sealing in moisture while you sleep.  The most aging damage is done to our skin while we sleep. The Night Pak works as a veil or barrier to protect your skin as you sleep! 

Why are we blindly buying products from big department stores? Because the model with already perfect skin who has probably never had a wrinkle or blemish told us to in a commercial? Get smart ladies! Buy products that really work on REAL women. This is the exact reason the only products I mention above are Senegence. I was able to see the results of  “real” people before I started using the products. 

I cannot begin to tell you what following these 4 steps and using these products has done for my skin. I no longer struggle with texture or blemishes, my makeup goes on so much smoother, and I no longer feel like I have extremely oily skin.

The secret to these products? SENEPLEX COMPLEX This is a patented technology that rushes healthy skin-cells to the surface of your skin 23.3% faster than normal. The result? Beautiful, healthy, glowing skin due to the high skin cell turn around. The best part? Seneplex Complex is in all of Senegence’s cream products; blush, shadows, concealer, body wash, foundation, and even the tinted moisturizer.


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I’ll leave you with this. I know a lot of women out there dont like spending money on themselves. Let me be the one to remind you that you ARE worth it! You deserve to feel pampered and to have the best skin possible! I love makeup, but my hope is more women will invest in their natural beauty, and that starts with their skin!

Have a question about a product above or not sure what products you need? Shoot me a message! I’d be happy to recommend something!