Practically Perfect

Lately, I've heard the comment, "You are so perfect" or "All your pictures are so perfect." I just wanted to take the time and say that I am absolutely not perfect. Just tonight, my husband pointed out (in the most endearing way) that my hair was kind of slimy. "Well, thats because I haven't washed it in awhile or used dry shampoo, BJ."  Sometimes, through social media, people get the impression that your house or your hair is perfect all of the time, and it's simply not true. Don't get me wrong, I love sharing beautiful photos and showing you all a part of my life through social media, but it's a very small part. My house gets messy, my hair gets messy, and for every beautiful shot there are 50 awkward shots of me laughing or posing in what I think is an acceptable way. 

For example, this picture is one of my favorites. 

But, what you don't see is when we moved half of our couch so that we would have more natural light in the photo, we found a piece of chicken. How long had it been there? We'll never know. I also took about 30 shots before we got this one good shot. Most of the time when Bj is taking pictures, he's making me laugh so hard we can't get a normal shot. 

I have a nice camera which helps a lot, but I have no idea how to use it. It was a hand-me-down from my sister who's a real photographer and I'm only pretending to be one. 

Then, there was that one time I tried to use a tri-pod. 

Almost in the picture, but not quite....try again 

Almost there Mallory, just try one more time...

Is this thing on? 

The whole process took about an hour until I got one good shot. 

Another example is our sun room. On one side of this room is my beautiful painted piano and the framed word art BJ got me for my birthday. 

I love this photo and plan on using it on my Instagram page this week. However, on the other side of this room is this hot mess...

 A catch-all trundle bed we have yet to buy mattresses for. 

The point I'm trying to make is I am not perfect. The pictures you see on this blog and my social media pages are a very small portion of my life. It's so easy to see a picture and compare yourself or your life to it. I am so guilty of looking at other bloggers pictures and wishing I was where they are or doing the things they are doing. When in reality, their life isn't perfect either. 

I blog and take pretty pictures because I love to do it and it brings me joy. On the last day I saw my Grandpa, one of the things he said to me was, " I really enjoyed reading My Big Yellow Couch." It's in these moments that I remember why I started blogging in the first place. Well, that and the Instagram likes. 

Remember to have fun with your social media presence and follow my Instagram for pretty pictures and some behind the scene looks into my life. 

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