Hello Fresh

Healthy meals, fresh ingredients, easy to follow recipes, all sent to your doorstep? Is this a dream? No, its HelloFresh. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate cooking, but it's more like I hate the process. Meal planning, grocery shopping, trying new recipes and hoping they don't taste terrible (I've made more than one meal like this). Who has time for all that? Seriously, shout out to all the wives and husbands out there that not only have a job, and kids, and a household to run, but are able to plan a meal and execute it every night. You are my heroes. 

This past Christmas, we received the best Christmas gift ever; a month subscription to HelloFresh. Here's a rundown, in case you are unsure of how it works. At the beginning of the month, you go online and pick out three meals per week. Then, your meals are sent right to your doorstep, once a week, in an insulated box. 

The ingredients are so fresh and the highest quality. I hate when you buy ingredients for a recipe and some of the ingredients end up going bad because you don't use them all. With HelloFresh, they send you the perfect amount of everything, even spices already measured out! 

The recipes are so simple to follow and they even have pictures, making it so easy to follow along. Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it. I don't think we disliked any of the meals we tried. 

The downside is it cost $60 per week, which only includes 3 meals a week. Meaning, you still have to buy groceries for all the other meals you eat. Even so, if you have the extra money and you want meals that are fresh and easy, it's so worth it. 

GIVEAWAY ALERT: In one of my weekly boxes I received 3 free boxes of Hello Fresh Meals! Check my Instagram later this week to win! 

Have you ever tried HelloFresh or another meal box? Let me know!