Our Big Yellow Couch

Ever wonder the meaning behind my blog name? It all started when BJ and I went to purchase our first pieces of furniture as a married couple. After visiting every furniture store in town, we had started to become disheartened. We could not find a couch that fit both of our unique tastes. We wanted something modern, yet chic, and big enough for two people to snuggle on comfortably. A friend told us about HomeMakers, so we headed to Des Moines to check it out. Holy Moly is this place amazing. They have everything you could possibly want, including warm cookies to snack on when you get overwhelmed. 

As soon as we arrived, we made a b-line for the clearance section. In the midst of a sea of black and tan couches, we spotted the most vibrant shade of yellow. If BJ and I's faces could have been emojis in that moment, they would have been the one with heart eyes!  We were smitten immediatly. 

It was everything we had been looking for; a couch that was modern, unique, and the size of a twin bed when all the pillows came off! We made sure and tested that we were able to snuggle comfortably, close but not too close. A girl needs her space!

The salesperson let us know someone had this couch custom made in this color, decided they didn't like it and returned it unused. Apparently, they couldn't handle the awesome responsibility of owning such a magnificent couch. As we ohh'd and aww'd and tested out our couch, we heard several snickers and mumbles of people who found this particular couch ridiculous. We heard a lot of, "Are those people crazy?"  and " They will never be able to sell that couch." We paid no attention to them and tried out different pillows to figure out what other colors we wanted to use. 

As we were leaving the store with our hearts full and our bank account depleted, a woman approached us. She let us know that she was an interior decorator and she had overheard the other people making fun of our yellow couch and their exasperation that anyone would buy such a piece of furniture. She proceeded to applaud us for our choice, calling it chic and exciting, and said she hoped we would love and enjoy this couch for years to come. 

It was our first big purchase as a married couple and still brings us so much joy. It's unique, bold, and so "us".

What's your favorite piece of furniture in your home?