It's hard to believe that I have been blogging for two years! One of my absolute favorite things about being a blogger is the connections you make! This week, I'm participating in the #bloggersgetsocial tag with an awesome blogger, The Fancy Sister. As soon as I discovered her Instagram, I was totally hooked. She is so creative and real. I love that we are able to support and connect with each other on social media! 

1. I'm am TOTALLY creeped out by wiggly teeth!

I just can't. 

2. My most prized possession is my Marie Antoinette Salt & Pepper Shaker.

"Marie", as we call her, is the bust of the famous french monarch, Marie Antoinette. She was famously beheaded, so it's fitting that her head (salt) detaches from her bust (pepper). Bj recently dropped Marie and her head broke beyond repair. I cried for 20 minutes. She's discontinued and you can only find her on Ebay for $100. 

3. I listen to the Harry Potter Soundtrack daily. 

For some reason, the Harry Potter soundtracks help me concentrate and be more creative. I listen to it on the way to work and whenever I am brainstorming.

4. My dream job is Disney Princess. 

Fun Fact: I have auditioned for Disney to be a Princess twice. 

5. My favorite place to go on vacation in the United States is San Antonio, Texas. 

San Antonio will always hold a special place in my heart. I love visiting the Riverwalk and have gone there on vacation 3 times. 

6. I'm not a very good swimmer.

One time, while on a choir trip in Hawaii, I went snorkeling. When I told my dad about it later, he acted really surprised and shocked. When I asked him why he said, "Everyone knows your not a very good swimmer." Apparently, I was the only one who didn't know. 

7. One of my all time favorite movies is Shawshank Redemtion. 

I think I have watched this movie 100 times. It never gets old. 

8. I love learning about WW2.

I've watched probably every movie/documentary/TV series on Netflix about WW2. I think it's a mixture of sadness, fascination, and disbelief that I have for this period in history.

9. My sister and I have matching scars on our foreheads from chickenpox. 

Right in the center of our foreheads. 

10. I don't understand fractions. 

I moved in the middle of 3rd grade, before we learned the basics of fractions. The new school I went too had already learned fractions, thus I never actually learned the basics of fractions. I still struggle with fractions to this day. It's sad.


Which one of these facts surprised you the most?  If your a blogger I challenge you to write a similar post so your readers can get to know you better! Don't forget to use the hashtag, #bloggersgetsocial.