Tis' the Season

Winter is officially here in Iowa, with our first snow on Sunday! I, for one, am ready. I've enjoyed the warmer weather, but I am excited to see the town turn into a winter wonderland. We will see how I feel when I'm out shoveling my driveway. But for now, I'm content.

In true holiday spirit, I couldn't wait to decorate my table! My biggest advice for decorating your table for Christmas is to use what you have. 

I used scraps of fabric, a basket that usually holds my dish towels, pine cones from my yard, and a variety of candles that were used in my wedding. 

My favorite touches this year were the live trimmings from Christmas trees and juniper bushes. I picked up a bundle for $2 and used them to decorate the top of my light fixture. 

And to make these adorable mini wreaths. 

The vintage champagne glasses are from a second hand store in town for $1.50 a piece. 

I love having this DIY chalkboard in my dining room. It was so easy and inexpensive to make. This wreath was too! You can find out how to make your own $5 wreath here. 

These wrapped chairs were a cinch - a little ribbon, scrap of fabric, juniper trimming, and voila. 

Two things I'm obsessed with this Holiday season are;

1. Cape Coats 

I picked mine up a couple of years ago from Ted Baker. They don't sell this camel color anymore, but they do sell other beautiful colors. You must check out this gray beauty. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option, you can check out out this one from Macy's. Or peruse some options below! 

The second thing I am obsessed with is my new hair. 

These lovely locks look like my own, but they are taped in extensions from Donna Bella. So far I have no complaints. They are so lightweight, I can barely tell they are in! If you want to know more about them, leave me a comment below!


What are you loving this holiday season?!