Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

With arctic temperatures here in Iowa this weekend, there wasn't much to do but stay indoors, drink hot cider, and anxiously await Christmas. I am way behind this year with my shopping. We just ordered the last of our presents on Friday and fingers crossed they will be here before we head home. With the few presents that we do have I thought I'd try my hand at wrapping and if you know me, that's not my strong suit. I have the most amazing memories of the presents my mom would wrap every year - fancy paper and ornate sparkly bows. Each present was decorated as fancy as my sister and I's matching christmas dresses. My tastes are slightly different, but I wanted each of my presents to feel as unique as the person they are intended for. 

I picked up these Merry Christmas cards from Paper Source a few years ago, and have yet to send a single one. Secured them with some left over yarn and a pom pom. I love how this present turned out. 

I have been obsessed with plaid this year, and this ribbon was a deal for $1 at the Target dollar spot. I used it to decorate my table as well this year. Check it out here. 

The idea of adding a miniature tree to your presents has been popping up everywhere on my Pinterest and I love it! I added my own twist with criss-cross yarn and a tag made out of card stock.

How did I do? What are some of your favorite ways to wrap presents? 

Happy Holidays!