May Our Life Be A Song

Today, BJ and I celebrate two years of marriage and it would seem that our honeymoon stage is over. Gone are the days of making sure my hair is neatly brushed before he sees me in the morning, and a new recipe cooked every night of the week. No more pretending I am the perfect house cleaner/laundry service/home maker around, and heaven forbid he hear me use the bathroom.  But, this new stage has made me happier than I thought possible, and it's not because of the special moments when we are brunching or on a date. It's in the everyday mundane things. How two very different people can operate daily as one and create a life together. I tell BJ all the time, "I love the life we have built together," and I really mean that. We have worked so hard to achieve what we have built and sure, my hair isn't always perfect, my dinners are questionable, and sometimes I don't shave my legs for two weeks (stop it you know we all do it). Yet, despite my flaws and everyday failures, I have someone who loves me and is happy to do everyday things with me, simply because we are doing them together. After two years there is no one I'd rather have at my side and I know I love him more today than I did the day we got married. He is my biggest supporter, encourager, caregiver, provider, and best friend. He makes me laugh everyday and for those who don't know he is my favorite poet. He has written two poems that are my favorite. One was entitled Greasy Lips - a poem he wrote about my shiny lip gloss while we were supposed to be paying attention in class. The second is a poem he wrote that accompanied a photo book he gave me as a wedding present. I won't post all of it because you need to see the pictures that go with each line for it to make sense. However, I will post my favorite parts:

I love you more than words can say

I love you more and  more each day

I love your laugh and smile so warm

I love your lips, I love your form

I love your face beyond belief, much like you love the Maple Leaf

Might I add by the way, I get to kiss you everyday 

I love when your face touches mine, I've loved that for the longest time

We aren't always silly sometimes we are sweet, without you I'd be incomplete

 Nellie, Breezy, me and you, our family, cowabunga dude! 

I love that you've always been there for me

and gave me something to look at while I got my degree

 In a room full of people I noticed only you , you are cuter than animals at the zoo

 Despite the distance, our love has grown stronger

though it seemed like each mile grew longer and longer

We fell more in love than I thought I could be,

you bring a much better man out of me 

In a nutshell, our memories are immeasurably awesome

I'm sure some will fade and new ones will blossom 

We get to do life together forever, to be with each other, no matter the weather

May we always acknowledge our unique journey, to this point though narrow and curvy 

From friendship to courtship to engagement and now, married at last, holy cow!

 May our life be a song of laughter and love a blessing we are both undeserving of

Forever in love together we stand husband and wife hand in hand. 

Love you BJ.