DIY Fall Table

Finally, after a year of living in our house, we took the plunge and bought ourselves a grown-up dining room table. We picked up our farmhouse style table at Home Makers, the same place we found our yellow couch.  The chairs were not included but they matched almost perfectly! 

For fall, I wanted to create a tablescape that was quick, inexpensive, and easy for anyone to accomplish. First, drape sheepskins or any type of fur on the back of your chairs. You can find sheepskins at Ikea for $30 or do what I did and spend $15 on fabric and cut your own! 

Second, choose your materials for the center of your table. I opted to use a few candles I already had at my house, and a few inexpensive pumpkins and greenery form Hobby Lobby.  Feel free to use what you already have at your house, or copy what I did! 

Did I say use a few candles? I actually meant use every candle you can find in your house. Mine were left over from our wedding but you can pick up candles for pretty cheap at any store that carries home decor!  You will also need to find something to use as a small runner for a more put together look. I used a scrape piece of plaid fabric and cut it to the perfect size and shape. Then place your candles on the runner varying the sizes so you have different levels. 

Next, add pumpkins. 

The next step is to pull the leaves off of their stems. They are so much easier to work with this way and your not constantly having to try and bend the stems to get the leaves to fit where you want them. 

Voila! A beautiful, easy, and inexpensive fall tablescape that anyone can recreate! 

Happy Fall Ya'll!