Guide to the Perfect Weekday Getaway

If your husband works every weekend, which mine does, then the "weekend getaway" isn't really a possibility. However, the mid-week getaway is totally do-able. The hubs and I recently took a few days off to go to one of our favorite places - Kansas City, Missouri. We had a fantastic time and made lots of great memories. So much so, that I decided to make a how-to-guide for the best "weekday" getaway!

Step One- Find a killer deal on a hotel. 

BJ is the master at this. He always finds great deals through 3rd party websites, like Priceline, to find cheap deals on nice hotels. 

Step Two- Always compliment the front desk girl.

True story: I told the front desk girl, in all sincerity I might add, how much I liked her nails! She seemed overly thrilled with the compliment and decided we needed to be upgraded to a better room with a view! 

{View from our room at the Intercontinental on the Plaza}

She also decided that we deserved access to the Concierge Lounge. At first we had no idea what that meant. When we went to check it out we realized it meant free drinks, free appetizers, free breakfast, and the best view of the Plaza that you could ask for! 

{View of the Country Club Plaza from the Concierge Lounge at the Intercontinental}

Step Three- Go out for late night dessert, and end up drinking late night cocktails. 

You never know where the night may lead you on your weekday getaway, so try not to make too many plans. After eating an embarrassing amount of free appetizers in the concierge lounge, we decided that we'd skip dinner and go out for a bit of dessert! We had every intention of eating some delicious cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory, yet we ended up ordering more appetizers and cocktails! The two block walk from our hotel to the restaurant was obviously enough time to work up an appetite again! 

{Thai Lettuce Wraps and Crab Bites at The Cheesecake Factory}

Step Four- Go to a Parade

It just happened to be St. Patricks day during our weekday-getaway so we walked over to Westport to enjoy the festivities and parade. It was insane how many people were able to make it to a parade at 11:00am on a Thursday. Why aren't they at work? Is everyone on a weekday getaway? Anyway, we enjoyed watching part of the parade and ended up walking to a nearby restaurant to enjoy some lunch. Where, embarrassingly, we realized we both forgot to wear green...

{St. that you?}

Step Five-Challenge yourself

We enlisted the help of some family and friends who lived in town to help us at Kansas City's latest game, Breakout KC. These escape games are popping up all over the place and I am a huge fan. The basic concept is this: you're locked in a room full of hidden clues, keys, and puzzles and it's your job to find all of the clues and ultimately unlock the door. Oh yeah, and you have 60 minutes. I won't give away too much about our room, but it did include morse code, a R/C tank, a hidden fireplace, a giant maze, black light, and deciphering a secret code. Even with all the genius-ness that was in our room, we still couldn't figure out how to break out and lost. 

Step 6- Eat a yummy dinner after challenging your brain and losing. 

The only cure for losing a game of Breakout KC is to eat authentic Italian pizza. We popped over to  Il Lazzarone to enjoy some pizza and laughs! 

{Charcuterie Plate at Il Lazzarone}

Step Six: Go to an estate sale in the fancy part of town. 

And buy some really awesome sunglasses for 50 cents, formally owned by a really fancy lady! 

Step Seven: Always eat sushi after antiquing and realizing an old hairbrush is worth more than your house payment. 

{Spicy Tuna Roll at Bob Wasabi}

Step Eight- Go ahead and have dessert.

It's your weekday getaway, you deserve it! 

{Bourbon Bread Pudding at Louie's Wine Dive in Brookside}

Step Nine- Enjoy the amenities of your hotel

Hotels want you to stay in and spend money in their hotel. A lot of times they bring in live music or special entertainment! At the Intercontinental on the Plaza they offered a fantastic live jazz ensemble every Friday night. Rather than go out, BJ and I opted to sit and listen and chat the night away. 

Step Ten- Stop for a delicous brunch before you head home. 

There is no better way to end a fabulous weekday getaway than by enjoying one last meal. We met some friends over at the Majestic Restaurant for a great brunch and last minute discussions about how we couldn't escape the room at Breakout KC. 

{Eggs Benedict at The Majestic}

Happy "Weekday Getaway-ing!"


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