Dreaming of Paris

With Spring Break a little over a week away, here at the Huffman house we have been daydreaming about sun, sand, and relaxation. Unfortunately for us, daydreaming about the beach is all we will be doing this Spring Break. That and reminiscing about past vacations!  I am lucky enough to have taken many vacations in my life time, including a trip to Paris.

My dad took my sister and I two years ago, right after my mother had died and right before I got married. Kind of a last "family vacation."

When we first arrived, we were all so excited we ran around snapping pictures like there was no tomorrow. 

Walking around the Louvre court yard, snapping photos of each other and the architecture. Oohing and awing over anything and everything we saw.

 Arriving in Paris at dawn  has its perks, the downfall being check in to the hotel wasn't until 3:00p.m.  So after we ran around snapping pictures and acting like a bunch of crazy tourists, we realized that we were starving. So we found a place for breakfast and settled in to eat our first Parisian meal. Of course we couldn't understand anyone and couldn't understand the menu, so we ended up ordering three breakfast specials.  Turns out that included a baguette for each of us, a variety of croissants, and coffee. We were of course delighted! 

We stayed at the Hotel Du Louvre which was situated right across the street from the Louvre Museum.

 Everything we could possibly want was within walking distance of this hotel; restaurants, museums, shopping, and historical land marks.

Our room was beautiful, complete with beautiful furnishings and Parisian style, I could have lived there forever.

That's my sister posing next to the window! 

Our views from our balconies were incredible as well. Not only could you see directly into the Louvre museum, but you could observe the hustle and bustle of the streets of Paris.

While exploring we found ourselves at the Pont De Arts bridge. Known as a place were lovers write their name on padlocks and place them on the bridge, throwing the key in the river.

 That's my dad with the backpack. He's wearing his special anti theft sports coat he got just for this trip.

One of my favorite ventures while in Paris was visiting the Palace of Versailles. I'm obsessed with all things Marie Antoinette, so this was definitely my favorite part of our Paris trip. 

What was unbelievable  to me was not only the sheer size of the Palace, but the amount of people that were visiting. 

The two people in this photo were people who we met on the train and waited in line with! I wish I could remember their names! The man in the orange was a student and the woman next to him was a doctor from Saudi Arabia on holiday. 

The inside was just as magnificent as the outside. Although it was overcrowded I managed to get some decent pictures without too many photo bombers! 


Over the next several days we saw all that we could in Paris. Including a day spent at the Louvre Museum were we saw historic works of art, sculptures, and even the apartments of Napoleon himself. 

We also got a chance to stop by Notre Dame.

And of course, spent a magical evening gazing at the Eiffel Tower.

It was everything we had hoped it would be and more! Wishing BJ and I could go this Spring break, but maybe next year! 

- Mallory

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