5 Minute - $5 Holiday Craft

Effortless 5 minute holiday craft under $5? That is my kind of DIY! I was in a crafty mood one afternoon, so with no plan I headed to the dollar store to see what I could come up with. The result was a quick and easy wreath anyone can make!

I picked up garland, a foam wreath, fake holly berries, and a wreath door hanger!

I started by poking the end of the garland into the foam, then began tightly wrapping the garland around the wreath. 

Continue that all the way around and poke the end of the garland in the foam like you did in the beginning. 

I opted to not use the holly berries. But it would be so simple to add flowers or berries to your wreath! I placed the wreath on a mirror we had laying around and voila! 

Simple 5 minute DIY project that anyone can accomplish!

Happy Holidays!


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