Mexico, Missouri, and Home

Whoa! The past three weeks have been full of traveling, laundry, new ventures, and lots of puke (sorry this post is going to get look away if you must).  

I'll start with our trip to Mexico! BJ and I were lucky enough to travel with some friends to Cancun at the end of July. We stayed at Ocean Coral & Turquesa resort. My first thought was, "This is beautiful!" My second thought was, " What in the world is that smell." Unfortunately, we picked to go the week after they had a seaweed anomaly. Seaweed, waist high, had washed up on the beautiful beach. That mixed with the 100 degree weather equaled a very pungent smell. It wasn't the hotels fault, in  fact they worked very hard every day disposing of the seaweed! It took us a day or two but we all got used to the smell eventually! 

We spent our week, lounging in and by the pool, relaxing, and eating till our hearts were content. 

It was really beautiful! BJ and I spent most of our time in the pool so we had awesome tans... from the shoulders up. We even got to enjoy the beach on the last few days after they cleaned up the seaweed. 

Faces burnt and a few pounds heavier, we headed home on a Friday. BJ and I's luggage didn't make it back to the Minneapolis airport so we had to head home without it.  The baggage claim assured us that Fedex would have it to us by Monday, which was not so good for us considering we were going out of town Sunday night. Thank goodness I thought to put my make-up in my carry-on!

So, Saturday was spent trying to find clothes to pack because the majority of our summer clothes were in our luggage that was lost. On Sunday (a few hours before we were supposed to leave), BJ informed me he didn't have any underwear to wear during the week. My first thought was, "What have you been wearing the past two days?" but I thought it was better not to ask in this situation. So I set off to try and get him some while he went to work. Alright so lets be honest, I have never bought boys underwear before so I had no idea what size to get. I presented them to BJ (very proud of myself I might add, because I assumed I had gotten the right kind and they were on clearance!) and his response was, "Oh no, these are too small!" Awesome. So he preceded to try on a pair just to be sure. "Yep, too small," I hear him say from the other room,  "let me try on all the other pairs just to be sure." That's right, instead of just trying on one pair and saying these won't work, he needed to try on all 6 pairs (ruining the packaging they came in) and paraded around the house in each pair before deciding I needed to take them back. Sorry Store-That-Will-Remain-Nameless, and the person who ends up buying these not-so-clearly used underwear. We vow to never do this again.

We finally made it out of the house by 8:30 p.m to make the 7 hour drive home to see our family and friends. I might add that sometime between Friday and Sunday my face had broken out in a horrific rash, so I looked like I had a face full of chicken pox. Again, awesome. We spent the week seeing as much family and friends as we possibly could and BJ spent time recording music. My nephew and niece were the highlight of my trip and we got to spend a few hours giggling and snuggling on the couch. 

Our luggage finally arrived at our house on Tuesday. I know this because our older neighbor text me at 10 pm asking if we knew that our luggage had been left on our doorstep (Fedex=Fail). She was so nice to drag it into her garage, but I am still baffled as to why Fedex thought it was ok to leave our personal things on our porch. 

BJ had a gig on the last night of our trip at a local venue. Our plan was for him to play till about 11 P.M, then we would have to make the long drive home so he could play at another gig in Iowa in the morning. After the gig, we ran to my Dad's house to get our things to head home when it happened; a bathroom emergency. I had hoped it was food poisoning and that it wouldn't last because I felt ok other than my stomach. I was so wrong. To make a long story short, the 7 hour drive home was full of tears, sweat, pulling over every twenty minutes, a heated discussion wondering if we should go to the hospital, and a little swervy driving as BJ drove through the night trying to get us home. It was gruesome and yet, I like to think our marriage is a little stronger because of it. I was sick for another 3 days, but I'm happy to report I am finally healthy and down 5 pounds! So all is well that ends well. 

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