Drawer Planters

BJ and I are loving the summer here in Iowa! With temperatures always in the high 70's, it seems to always be perfect outside. When the summer started, I was hesitant to plant any flowers. We are renting our house and to be honest, we didn't want to spend time and money on landscaping when the house isn't ours. However, when I saw the flowers for sale all around town I couldn't resist buying a few! I thought using movable planters would be the best idea, so I searched our house for anything I could use. 

I found three drawers in our basement leftover from BJ's dresser, which we turned into a TV stand.

 I cleaned them off quickly with some degreaser (my favorite is Grease Lightning) and sprayed them with two coats of hunter green spray paint. I wanted my end result to be a slightly weathered look, so I didn't use weather resistant paint, but you can use whatever you want. 

After letting  them dry for an hour, I drilled a few holes in the bottom of each drawer for water drainage. I then arranged the drawers by stacking them. The top two drawers I filled with dirt and planted the flowers right in the box. For the bottom drawer, I simply planted some flowers in clay pots and placed them inside. 

Unfortunately, some of the flowers in the back didn't grow as large as I wanted but I am still thrilled with the end result! 


 ~ Mallory

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