Herb Pallet

It's finally summer here in Iowa, which means lots of DIY outdoor projects. First on the list, my very own herb garden. With limited space and two giant dogs who dig up everything in our yard, I had to get creative if I wanted my herbs to last all summer. I came up with the idea of using a pallet. Pallets are usually free and can be found almost anywhere. 

I picked up two pallets and used the boards from one pallet to create boxes for the first two rows, and a shelf for the bottom row.  I should point out that when I say I, I obviously mean my husband. He did most of the hard work, I just bought the herbs, labeled them, and came up with this brilliant idea. 

I bought herbs from our local grocery store (Fareway) and labeled them with a sharpie. I kept the herbs in the plastic container they came in because they fit perfectly into the boxes. The bottom shelf consists of pretty flowers left over from another project. Voila! An easy and inexpensive herb pallet that anyone can make! 



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