Calvin Coolidge Huffman

As some of you may know, BJ and I added a member to our little family last week! His name is Calvin Coolidge Huffman, and we are so in love! Like all great things in life, he was practically free! We picked him out last Friday on a spontaneous venture to our local Humane Society. They were having an event called $5 Feline Friday, and with the notion that we would be saving $100 we decided it wouldn't hurt to check them out.

I'll admit, I am a little afraid of cats. I never had a cat growing up and I have never really been around them. As we were browsing the many cats last Friday, I was having a hard time connecting to any. Then there was Calvin. I was instantly in love and decided Bj and I couldn't live without him. He is 9 years old and we thought he would be a great starter cat!  My sister and I spent all Friday night going from store to store picking up cat supplies, (quickly realizing I don't know anything about cats or what they need!) and Saturday morning we brought him home!

For those of you that don't know our dog Nellie, she is a handful. She does not like other animals, people, children, or pretty much anything outside of our family unit. Naturally, we were worried about how she would react to Calvin. To our surprise, she is terrified of him. Ms. Bark and Snarl At Everything runs in fear with her ears back from a teeny tiny cat. Calvin is still unsure of the dogs but they are all slowly warming up to each other.

The past week hasn't been without hiccups. One night, after an unfortunate incident where Breezy (our other dog) chased Calvin out of the room, an unpleasant smell hit our noses as we headed to our bedroom around midnight. Mr. Coolidge had pooped on our bedspread. It was understandable. The dogs had stressed him out and his litter box is downstairs near the dog kennels. Our comforter won't fit in our washer, so we carefully began packing up our comforter to take to the laundry mat. It was then we discovered that not only had he pooped on our bed, he had been peeing in it all day. Long story short, after a long night of setting up a new litter box away from the dogs, scrubbing, deodorizing, and trying to find enough quarters for the laundry mat, we made it home and finally laid in bed by 3:00 a.m. I forgot to mention that while at the laundry mat, BJ found some fabric softener and those smelly laundry bead things someone had left. He, of course, started dumping whatever he found into the washer with our sheets.  When we finally got home and were laying in bed, we realized we had found the perfect laundry recipe. Our sheets smelled like a new born baby and clean cotton. We decided that it is probably what heaven smells like.

Leave me comments with any cat parenting tips you have!

Also, Breezy has  new way she likes to be walked, by her tail....