Bicycle Built for Two

Hello! I realize I have not written a blog in over a month, but sometimes life happens! BJ and I have been so busy with jobs, interviews, traveling, brunching, house guests, and other general life happenings! However, our newest venture is one that has both of us incredibly excited! Bicycles!!  I know what you are thinking...bicycles are nothing new, but for us it’s a whole new world! 

It seems that everyone here in Iowa rides bikes. With bike lanes, sidewalks, and bike trails I can see why!

I think it's safe to say I haven’t ridden a bicycle in over 15 years, maybe longer.

BJ and I’s hometown in Missouri just isn’t set up for traveling via bicycle.

I was reintroduced to the bicycle a few weeks ago when I met some friends for a bike ride. I didn’t own a bike at the time so I borrowed one. It was like learning to walk again. Apparently, you do forget how to ride a bike. After being “re-taught” how to ride, accompanied with some wobbly steering and crashing into a curb, I finally started to get the hang of it. 

A couple of weeks later, BJ and I became the proud owners of our very on bikes! We found them at a great local used bicycle shop in town. Mine had to be pink obviously and luckily the store had one pink one in stock that was my size!  BJ and I spent the whole weekend out riding our new purchases! Then, in true Iowan fashion, it turned cold again and we haven’t been able to ride them since. 

Hurry and come back spring!



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