Friday Craft

Sometimes a quick craft is exactly what you need on a Friday.

It gives you instant gratification and distracts you from all those pesky adult things... like dusting your house.

My adorable friend gave me some lovely miniature roses on Valentines Day and somehow I have managed to not kill them. They have been sitting on my windowsill in a soup bowl (courtesy of BJ) for a while now….

I know… not cute. Where’s my friend Kristin with Legalized Pots when you need her?! She would have had a cute ceramic planter on hand! Something had to be done. 

I made a trip to the dollar store and picked up this black pot. Obviously 

it needed a little sprucing up.

I used scotch tape and newspaper to make a straight line about halfway down.

Next, I found some gold spray paint  I had lying around (I assume everyone does), and I sprayed on one even coat.  I l

et it dry about 30 minutes, then peeled off the tape and newspaper.

All that was left to do was transfer my tiny roses!