The Day We Ate Only Bananas

Again, I find myself reminded to not believe everything on the internet…except for this blog, of course, because I couldn’t make this stuff up. This week BJ had a major Internet fail, which unfortunately, affected both of use. He has been looking for a weeklong detox to clean out his body and start fresh since he had been sick. I agreed to do it with him, assuming we would be eating lentil soup or drinking spinach or something along those lines. However, my husband decided on “Banana Island.” Sounds great right? It sounds tropical and exotic, the best choice in detoxes…or so I thought. Turns out you eat nothing but bananas for a week. I thought to myself, I like bananas. How bad could it be? Well let me tell you....

First off, you’re supposed to eat 10 bananas each meal. Lets do the math, 2 people 7 days, that’s 420 bananas.

I bought about 50 bananas at the store to start off. However, it was the most embarrassed I have been at the grocery store. The Hy-Vee check out lady gave me such a strange look that I felt the need to explain my strange purchase. To which, she looked at me like I was from another planet. Unable to handle awkward situations, I continued to talk to her about bananas and the different ways we were going to eat them. She may or may not have thought I was crazy.

Now back to the 10 bananas each meal. That’s a lot of bananas in one sitting. BJ went to work so I was left alone to try this detox. I choked down about 4 for breakfast and stopped there. For lunch I managed another 4, with one or two as snacks in between. By then I could tell something wasn’t quite right. My vision was a little hazy and my stomach felt weird. However, I was not going to be the one that chickened out! For dinner we decided to add some eggs, which BJ said was ok (at this point I begin to suspect he’s making it up as he goes along). We made banana pancakes (two eggs and one banana). I ate what felt like a small molehill of pancakes, which only added to my aching stomach. BJ then turned to me and said, “Has your vision been blurry today?”

Long story short BJ did some research and found tons of articles stating that this was not healthy for you. I asked him where he even saw this idea of “Banana Island” and he said some girl on the Internet that had been doing it for 30 days. At this point, we rolled over with fits of laughter at the thought that we not only ate nothing but bananas for a day, but that we had 20 more bananas sitting on our counter.

Hats off to the banana lady on the Internet, wherever and whomever you are. I don’t know how you do it but I’m truly impressed.


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