Legalized Pots

Today I have a guest blogger! I’m lucky to have such talented and beautiful friends in my life and I want to share and celebrate their accomplishments! Kristin has been my friend for almost 18 years and I am ecstatic about her new venture: Legalized Pots!

Hey My Big Yellow Couch friends and followers! Is this shaping up to be a very thoughtful, crafty and hilarious blog or what?! Big thanks to Mallory for giving me a space to tell you all about my creative outlet – funny and slightly functional ceramic treasures – also known as Legalized Pots. Or as my Grandma says, “Oh yeah, what’s the name of your pot business? Drug something? I need to tell my friends about it.” Thanks, Grandma. You (and my Grandma’s friends) will be happy to know there are no drugs involved. Anyway…

I met Mallory in 3rd grade and she was the coolest new girl in our Lutheran school. I wasn’t cool at all but she was nice to me anyway and has been the best kind of friend a girl could hope for ever since. She’s the type of friend who always knows what to say and who knows that empathy and silliness make the world go ‘round. On top of that she is hip and quick-witted and you can’t help but feel great, like the best version of yourself, when you spend time with her. Plus she supports all of my Ikea shopping habits with little texts like, “Honestly, one can never have enough fake sheepskin.” Thanks, Mal. Basically Mallory is a rock star, but you probably already know that if you’re following her blog! But can I tell you the biggest rock star friend thing she is doing for me this month?? She is coming home to Joplin to help me with my booth at The Hip Handmade Market!! I know, I know. I’m the luckiest. We have tag teamed 

a few garage sales in our day, so I know she’s the best sales gal and booth partner. Example: I once saw her sell old brunette hair extensions without the clips to someone with black hair at a sale in a church parking lot. She’s that good.

So The Hip Handmade Market is the coolest craft show in Southwest Missouri and will be happening in downtown Joplin on March 28th from 10 am – 4 pm. There will be over 50 makers / vendors plus all kinds of cool snacks and giveaways and a photo booth. I was so excited when Legalized Pots was selected to be a vendor! Right after that I panicked about how to make enough treasures to fill an 8’x8’ booth and now that I have Mal as my right-hand man I am back to being excited.

I started taking a weekly ceramics class in 2013 as a hands-on creative hobby. I work for an architecture firm in Joplin and am only a few exams away from being licensed. Architecture is a creative job, but projects can take months to draw and years to be completed. I needed an artistic outlet with instant gratification so I decided to give clay my attention. Throwing pots and sculpting with clay has been a great way for me to relax and enjoy the process of making something. I started giving away everything I was making; being able to share with my friends and family is probably the best part of this clay adventure. After getting engaged in August of 2013 I decided that I would make all of the centerpieces/pots for our November 2013 wedding and that our wedding guests could take a handmade pot with a succulent as the wedding favors. Did I mention I have no concept of time and that when I get an idea I really need to try it out? It’s a problem. I only made 55 pots so not everyone got to take a handmade one, but they were really well received and I love hearing what our friends and family are doing with their pots/planters now. I really enjoyed making the planters and those few hours of solo creative time with tangible results was my saving grace during the wedding planning process. I’ve been making ceramic treasures since then and it is something I plan to do forever.

 I’ve decided to share my ceramic experiments and playful one-of-a-kind pieces with my friends and family and anyone else interested in that sort of thing via Legalized Pots. 

You can follow LP on Instagram to see what I am working on and to see photos of the pieces in all stages of the ceramic process – throwing and hand-building with wet clay, trimming leather-hard clay, bisque fired clay, glazed pieces and the final glaze fired work. I will also be posting about who and what inspires me and even about failed experiments. It happens. Obviously there will be lots of posts leading up to and including the Hip Handmade Market! It should be a really fun time and I truly hope to see you there. I know Mal and I will be having a great time in booth #10 ;) I’ll be posting items for sale on Etsy after the HHM. I’ll let you know when the shop is live so you can get your hands on the ceramic experiment treasures you need. Whew! Thanks for reading! I hope you learned something, laughed a little, and enjoyed the photos. Keep being rock stars and great friends.



  -  Legalized Pots

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Check out some of Legalized Pots amazing products! It’s hard to choose a favorite! I cannot wait to see what creations Kristin has in store for the Hip Handmade Market! Thank you so much for being a guest blogger!