Make Your Own Pillows

My blog would not be complete without a little DIY. Anyone who knows me knows that I love crafting! If BJ had a dollar every time he has heard me say, " We don’t need to buy that, I can make it!" we would be rich. One of my favorite things to make are pillows, because they are quick and easy! Here's how I make them! 

1. Choose your Fabric

I recently ventured to Des Moines with BJ and found this great fabric store downtown! They had a great selection and I picked out these three patterns. My rule of thumb for choosing fabric is to choose what you love. You are the one who has to look at it everyday so pick something you like! I chose these fabrics with the intention of making pillows for our couch. Our living room needed a few pops of pink and I thought these patterns were so much fun!

2. Rid your fabric of wrinkles

Make sure all the wrinkles are out of your fabric. You can do this using an iron or use the holy grail of laundry products, wrinkle releaser. If you don’t know what wrinkle releaser is you are missing out! BJ introduced it to me when we first started dating and it is life changing!

Simply spray, then smooth fabric and watch your wrinkles disappear! You can get it anywhere you can get laundry detergent so pick some up!! 

3. Cut two pieces of fabric and line them up inside out

Some people might pin the edges at this point. I usually just hold the two pieces of fabric together at the top and bottom of whatever edge I am sewing.

4.Begin sewing the edges of your fabric

Try to stay as close to the edge as possible and sew as straight as possible. You don’t want a lopsided pillow!

5. Leave a hole 3-4 inches wide

This hole is for the pillow stuffing. It should be big enough that your hand can fit through it, but not big enough to allow stuffing to fall out when your stuffing it. Use the hole to turn your pillow right side out. 

6. Add Stuffing

You can buy stuffing at any fabric store. Or if you want to be awesome like me, you can use the stuffing from your husbands’ old pillows (Sorry BJ).

 Tip: If you overstuff your pillows it will cause a dip in the pillow making them look more expensive!

7. Sew the hole together

Start by folding the edges of your fabric in. Then pierce the fabric from the inside so that the knot will be hidden in the pillow. Next begin sewing using tiny loops. You could technically sew this anyway you wanted, I personally like looping it. I try to keep my loops small and close to the edges. 

8. Tie a knot and cut off the excess thread

When you have finished sewing it should look something like this. I try to have the hand-sewn portion on the bottom of the pillow so you wont see it unless you are looking for it.

9. Enjoy your pillow!

Check out my Pinterest page for more DIY/Craft ideas!! 

Happy Crafting!