Why not YOU?

Have you ever caught yourself looking at “that girl” on social media. She’s usually the one with a giant smile on her face. She’s selling a product and there are 100 comments from women wanting to buy from her. For an instant you find yourself wishing YOU were doing what she was. Then the self-doubt kicks in and your next thought is, “I could never be like that girl.” Well, I don’t want you to be like “that girl". I want you to be YOU. I want YOU with all your quirks and awkward moments to be a part of my tribe. Taking a leap of faith can be scary, but I promise to be there and be your biggest cheerleader every step of the way!


Mission Statement

We empower women around the world to Live Life in Love and Abundance through careers that really work, selling innovative beauty products that really work.



How to Earn Income

When you sign up for $55, there are two ways to earn money through Senegence®



Sell from your personal inventory at a discounted rate. You can earn up to 50% of the retail value. For example, buy a gloss at the wholesale price of $10, sell it for the retail value of $20 and pocket the profit.

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Senegence® has the best compensation plan I have ever seen! Earn a commission for empowering other women to become their own Girl Bosses!

What Makes Senegence Different?


No Monthly Requirements

Unlike other MLM companies, Senegence® does not require you to make a minimum monthly purchase. NO hidden fees, NO auto-ships, No cancellation fee. Sell as little or as much as you want, on your own time and own terms. To stay an active distributor, all you have to do is spend $200 within a 6 month period. Don’t spend the $200 required to stay active? No problem! You simply go inactive!



Get 20-50% off the retail price on all products. The size of the discount depends on the size of your order.The more you buy, the bigger your discount. It’s always best to maximize your discount. You can join my team here and start utilizing your discount today!


Run Your OWN Business

Your business, run your way. The thing I love most about Senegence® is the fact that they let you totally customize your business! Choose your own business name and branding and decide if you want to run your business through social media, in-home demos, or both!


Did I mention?

The potential to take amazing vacations or have your car paid for? This company LOVES to spoil us. With the potential to earn a FREE trip for you and a guest plus have your car paid for, the possibilities are endless. These trips aren’t for everyone. They have to be earned through working your business! There are a few FREE perks! Receive $10 in SeneBucks on your birthday and your Seneversary! Plus, there are plenty of perks to the job, like the private concert with Gwen Stefani our Founder arranged for those that attended the 2019 Seminar (our yearly company-wide training)!

Choose to live life in love and abundance...and then work for it!
— Joni Rogers-Kante (Senegence Founder)


Why Join My Team?

Out of all the distributors, why would I join you?


I’m willing to meet you where you are at. As your mentor and friend, I understand those going into this business will all be different. Different backgrounds, different goals, different time constraints, and thats OK. It’s my goal to provide you with what YOU need to find success whatever that looks to YOU. I’ll have the resources and trainings available and I’m willing to help you as little or as much as you need to get started. There’s never any pressure. To put it simply, I’m here for YOU and I understand that YOU are not like everyone else. My team is a supportive group gals ready to welcome you into our tribe! We love sharing our love for these products and truly want each other to be successful!


MLM? I dont want to be pushy…

Girl… me either! Despite the stigma, MLM company does not mean “pushy sales.” I don’t run my business that way and I won’t tell you to either. I believe and have found success in the simplicity of this; share products you love. My customers know there is never a “pressure to buy from me.” I truly enjoy sharing the products I love with them. I’ll help you build a brand that your following trusts because they trust you, not teach you to pressure others to buy from you. It’s about the relationship with people, the sale is the benefit.


Where Do I Even Begin?

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry! I’m right here. The first step is take the leap and join. From there, I’ll personally walk you through the process.

Digital Resources-Coming Soon! ….and girl, they’re going to be amazing!

Sengence also offers amazing resources and trainings for its distributors! Including brand new apps to help you be successful.


Coming Soon!! I got you girl!

My Lipsense Story

Trust me when I say I NEVER thought I would be a part of an MLM company. In fact, when I was first introduced to Lipsense I had mixed feelings. I have always loved makeup, so when my friend Kim told me it works better if you stop using other products, I thought, “Girl……you cannot be serious. You think I’m going to give up my other lipsticks? No way.” But in the end, thats exactly what I did. I gave up all my Kylie Lip Kits, my Anastasia, my beloved Kat Von D, in fact I gave up 3 (yes 3) gallon size bags of my favorite lipsticks and haven’t looked back. I have been wearing Lipsense for over 2 years now and its safe to say, I’m hooked.

So how did I end up signing up?

Overnight, everyone I knew was signing up to sell Senegence® makeup. My facebook was blasted with people selling this magic lipstick and it got me thinking, “Have I underestimated this lip product? Surely all of these people wouldn’t be jumping on board if they had mixed feelings about it.” I decided to try wearing Lipsense exclusively for 1 month and see what happened.

Four months later, I decided to sign up. To this day, I couldn’t tell you what pulled me to take that plunge. The tug at my heart to join washed over me like a wave and I just did it.

What have I gained by becoming a Distributor?

The obvious perks of being a Distributor are discounted makeup and the ability to earn extra income. What I could have never foreseen were the friendship that I would develop. Some of the closest and most favorite friendships I have ever experienced were the result of a Lipsense Party held by someone I didn’t even know at the time. I always say if this company went away tomorrow (don’t worry its here to stay) it will have been worth it just for the friendships alone.

I truly LOVE sharing these products with others. MLM does not have to mean pushy, or pyramid scheme (which are illegal by the way). It can be as simple as making extra income by sharing your favorite products, or products you are already using.

Ready to dive in?

Girl, I got you! Let’s do this thing together! I’m with you every step of the way and willing to help as much or as little as you want me too!