Spring Wish List

Hello Spring! Who am I kidding, it's still cold here in Iowa but I have high hopes that spring is right around the corner! There are so many cute trends this Spring, I couldn't have picked a worse time to be on a budget.

Top 3 Foundations

Why is finding the perfect foundation so hard? I admit I go through phases of liking foundations but the following three have been my favorite for quite a while. 

Our Big Yellow Couch

Ever wonder the meaning behind my blog name? It all started when BJ and I went to purchase our first pieces of furniture as a married couple

Planning A Vacation

 Whether your next trip is in the distant future or you're planning something last minute, here are some tips to help you get you started. 


The Story of Us

The story of BJ and I's relationship isn't your typical fairytale. It's filled with awkward moments, friend-zones, divine timing, and the realization that we've been a perfect match from the start. 

Sister, Sister

Happy Monday! So you know when you have younger siblings, and in your mind you still think they are 5 years old sitting in..

Stylish Snow Boots

I've received a lot of questions regarding winter boots lately, so I've rounded up my favorite brands and styles just for you! I own a pair of all three brands, and love them for different reasons.

Mantras for 2017

Happy New year everyone! Instead of making resolutions this year, I have decided to choose a selection of mantra's to try and live by.

Galena, Illinois

Is there anything better than a day trip full of brunching, sight-seeing, and shopping? I don't think there is which is exactly why me and my fella try to do this as often as possible!